You're gonna miss me - Which Way Up
Hard to Think - Which Way Up
Once before I die - Which Way Up
Not Without You - Which Way Up

Which Way Up 
                Photo credit: Maranda Shepherd

Hi! I'm Stuart, and I've been a guitar teacher in the Cam, Dursley and surrounding area of Gloucestershire for the last 17 years.


I've been playing the guitar for more years than I can count! This doesn't necessarily make me a great guitarist, but does give me the experience of a long musical journey. I've played in lots of studios and on lots of stages. The most notable bands I was present in were 'Serious' in the 1990's (BBC Radio One Friday Night Rock Show 'Rock War' Winners) and 'Which way up' in the 2000's. Both bands did critically well on the 'scene' and were great fun to be a part of.

I love all kinds of music - although when learning the guitar I was mainly influenced by big 80's rock bands such as Bon Jovi, Def Leppard, Van Halen, Kiss, Motley Crue - you get the idea! I diversified slightly into the likes of Iron Maiden and Metallica - but I never really got much heavier than Megadeth. All that distortion and lycra was balanced to some degree with a healthy dose of rock/blues with the likes of Gary Moore and Jeff Healey with some Eric Clapton thrown in. 
As I've grown older I've diversified into listening to Jazz a lot, more specifically Wes Montgomery and Pat Metheny. I have also studied classical music and am particularly partial to a bit of Beethoven.
However, nowadays I'm rarely happier than when thrashing out some catchy pop rock tunes in the style of Avril Lavigne or Taylor Swift - that stuff makes me so happy! So yeah, I'm happy playing most styles of modern music!

I'm also a big believer in songwriting over flash guitar (although there's definitely a place for that too!) so I would much rather spend my time in a studio crafting original songs that on a stage playing covers.