Frequently asked questions


What Styles do you teach?


I teach mostly mainstream rock and pop. Anything from 70's/80's rock to modern day pop. Sort of Kiss to Taylor Swift! The only thing I dont really do is classical guitar.


What ages do you teach?


Generally, I start from late primary to secondary school age - about 10 and up. The reason I 'generally' don't teach young children is because I don't like to teach the 'twinkle twinkle little star' method (as I call it!) I feel the need to work from real songs - not joke songs or jingles and definitely not nursery rhymes! However, if a young student has a good awareness of guitar music (or dad's record collection!) then I will take them younger. However, I do also teach Music in Theory and Practice sessions which can be aimed at younger children who just want to engage with music but without that goal of specifically learning guitar.


Am I too old to learn?


No. Absolutely not. My 'bread and butter' comes from teaching retired students during the day. As long as you have that connection with music that makes you want to play an instrument then anything is possible!


How long should I practice?


There is no such thing as practicing too much. I've heard all sorts of 'standards' for practice like 'make sure you do 10 minutes a day' - seriously?! no-one ever got good at playing guitar from doing 10 minutes a day! So the correct answer is you practice as long as you can! The ONLY exception would be if you have any kind of pain - if you have pain stop. If you don't then I guess you've not practiced long enough yet! ;P


Do I need to learn theory?


This is a complicated question. It's pretty much impossible to learn a musical instrument without learning music - it kind of comes with the territory! The problem I find is the confusion of the definition of 'Theory'. If you mean writing little black notes on a piece of paper, then no, you don't have to learn music theory. But by the very process of playing a song you like you will learn chords, maybe a scale or two and possibly even intervals and arpeggios and how it all fits together to make music - in other words - music theory! 

Do you do exams?


Yes. I can teach from Rockschool, the RGT, or my favourite - the Trinity Rock and Pop syllabus. I teach any of these up to grade 8. However, there is absolutely no obligation to take one of those routes. I am just as happy to tailor lessons to suit you.