Home Educated?

Never fear,
daytime lessons and Skype lessons available


Guitar Lessons

Whether you've played a bit before and want to brush up on your licks and tricks or you're a complete youngling who need the guidance of a master (or failing that, me!) or maybe you're retired and thinking 'is it really possible this old dog could be taught some new tricks?' then I can tailor something for you. All you need is a passion for music and the willingness to have a go (oh, and a guitar, you'll need a guitar.*)

Alternatively I can teach from Rock School, RGT or Trinity Guitar syllabuses if you want to follow, or are already on, a graded pathway. 

Want to read music, no problem... don't want to read music, also no problem!


I try to keep a personal approach to be as inclusive as possible to how you like to learn.

The vast majority of beginner lessons will be song based so no matter what your experience you can learn to play your favourite tunes straight away.

For more experienced players lessons can be broken down into the finer components of guitar such as chords, scales, arpeggios, improvisation, and technical exercises.

Half an hour lessons are £15

Hour lessons £25

*actually a guitar isn't strictly necessary for a first lesson as I can let you borrow one of mine if you just fancied a taster or even some advice on what to look for when buying your own.