Guitar Lessons

With the pandemic in full swing online guitar lessons are becoming more popular than ever. For this reason I've laid out a plan that enables beginners or intermediate players to have 1 to 1 structured Google Meet, Skype or Zoom lessons with me with all materials provided in PDF at each stage.

The online portion can be casual in arrangement - you don't need to commit to booking each week - just when you want to ask questions or to receive the next section of materials. 

Lessons will cover all facets of guitar playing and some guitar centred music theory relevant to improvising and song writing. This structure allows intermediate players and improvers to make sure there has been no missed topics and enables all topics to be easily linked together to create a broad foundation of knowledge in the instrument. No note reading is required at any stage.

It's also possible to book 'casual' lessons between the structured sessions to learn those specific songs you like and to put all that stuff from the knowledge sessions to good practical use.