Whilst learning and teaching guitar there are always certain landmark moments which make things 'click', make sense, moments of realisation when seeminly seperate things suddenly jigsaw together. We all have them and a lot of mine were achieved, in the pre internet age, with the help of videos and books. So I'm going to start this 'review' section with a brief look back at some of my favourite and most useful tuition material. 

This video, yup, I had the REH video cassette of this, was a massive landmark in my personal development. Paul is an amazing instructor with a relaxed, funny and very personable temperament - which was unusual for these videos! A lot of the guitarists who did videos, as great as they are, were awkward in front of the camera when presenting their ideas and some were just cringeworthy uncomfortable! But Paul pulls if off very naturally and with pazzaz - he's a natural teacher with an infectious energy. 


Why should you buy this


The best sell for this video is Paul's alternate picking technique. If you want to pick like a monster this is absolutely the first place you should visit. All excersises are pick intensive but Paul start slowly and easily with his now famous 4 note pattern over 2 strings and works up to full scales and sequences and into string skipping arpeggios. It's all done methodically and progresses smoothly.